Above ground burial is certainly popular in our area, Granite and Marble Mausoleums are the only option designed specifically for above ground use.  They also double as the memorial making them competitively priced vs  concrete vaults, foundations, monuments and coping.

Cremation Memorials

So many options are now available.  Whether ashes are buried, kept at home or scattered there is a way to memorialize.  Benches have become our most common type of cremation memorial and we can install them anywhere; at the cemetery, home, office, park or golf course.  

Cremation allows us the flexibility of working beyond the cemetery gates.

Double Monuments

Horizontal or vertical double monuments are most often used by couples.  It allows us to tie the two individuals together with a unified appearance.  

To vase or not to vase:  We discuss vases often when looking at double monuments. Doubles are traditionally 2 single stones separated by a plinth and vase or a large single stone with vases on the side. 

Creating Lifelong Memories 
We pride ourselves on crafting custom monuments that are designed to tell a story. All monuments and mausoleums are made of granite or marble.  Installed on steel re-enforced concrete foundations.

Markers, upright monuments, unique cremation options and mausoleums are all available.

"Just wanted to let y'all know what a wonderful job that was done on Daddy's monument. I really appreciate the diligence and care that was taken by Amite Marble. Thank you, "~Gina

"Thanks for sending the photos, the monument looks absolutely beautiful.  We appreciate your craftsmanship and want you to know that my parents would have been pleased."~Linda

"... I want you to know that I am a very particular person with regard to materials, layout and design.  In my opinion, you and your staff did an excellent job.  Thanks again for the special handling and setting it in place just in the right time.  This meant so much to me!..."

Single Monuments

The serpentine top single monument is our most traditional, however many other shapes are also available. Hand carved angels, Fish shaped monuments, crosses can all be used to illustrate the important events in one's life.

Single monuments can be made into double monuments later, however the do not have the same look as ordering a double initially.

YOUR family is Our focus  

Types of Memorials

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