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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to wait 1 year before adding a memorial?

NO,  This is an old wives tale.  Monuments should be installed to the head of the grave.  If the grave is dug properly it begins 18” from the end of the plot, allowing space for the monument on solid ground.  However, we install all monuments on a steel re-enforced concrete foundation and guarantee the foundation to stay straight and level.

What is the normal delivery time?

Usually 60-90 days.   Stones ordered from overseas (typically China and India for cost reasons) can be as long as 4-6 months.  These same stones can be produced domestically, but at higher cost.

Do you offer a payment plan?

We require full payment prior to adding inscriptions to the monument or placement in the cemetery.  You may make payments on an account without interest or penalty, but full payment is due prior to completion.  Many families choose to make a down payment of ½ upon placing an order and the balance when the stone arrives to us, prior to adding inscription.

Can coping be added to our plot? 

Most cemeteries in our area allow copings, ledgers, etc.  Very few local cemeteries have restrictions.  If in doubt, contact us and or the cemetery for a copy of any rules and regulations.

The cemetery sells headstones do I have to purchase from them?

NO, The cemetery can NOT make you purchase the monument from them.   We have found that several local cemeteries that sell monuments may make the purchase outside of the cemetery a difficult path to take in an effort to keep your business.  While some are willing to work with you, others impose silly restrictions, exorbitant fees if you do not purchase from them and can be very difficult to work with.  Every family should have the right to work with whomever they choose.  Do not be fooled by cemetery personnel. 

Can we purchase a memorial pre-need?

Many families choose to place a memorial prior to passing.  Most tell us they want to relieve the burden from the children or other family and to get something they feel is appropriate for them.

A loved one is cremated can I still memorialize? How?

Cremation is gaining in popularity.  Benches installed on a family members lot at the cemetery, memorial placed at home, in a flower bed or garden, or a tribute installed at a place they loved to be.  Cremation memorials offer a wide array of choices.  Studies show that memorialization is a necessary part of the grieving process and should not be overlooked just because cremation is chosen.